Website & App development

Website & App development

Statistics reveal that website design influences 94 percent of first impressions. For that reason, our company aims to create the most appealing web design that attracts online users.

Our company creates SEO-friendly web design services that aim to boost your search rankings and turn visitors into paying customers.  

     Web Development & Custom-Built Web Solutions:

We have worked with hundreds of companies and designed one of the most complex websites. Our web designers can create for you the web design that you create in your imagination. In addition to design services, we will help you create the most competitive content (videos, images, text...) that enables you to attract more customers. Our team is experienced in e-commerce sites, visitors will be able to purchase products or services just by clicking easily on one button.

      Website Hosting:

    we are proud to say that we are the experts when it comes to website hosting. Our website hosting is based on higher uptime percentages than the industry average. Another important aspect we are giving attention to is security. We ensure that everything is safe to protect the website and the data of our clients

We also provide a support team available to ensure the full potential of the website including the page speed and security. 

     Website Domains:

the website domain is extremely important, since it where visitors make their first impression. Our company aim to make you stand out with a domain name that perfectly fits your own brand personality

    App Development:

Baylasan Team has an extensive experience in creating high quality, feature-packed mobile applications for Android and iOS devices

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